Siemens gamma camera in lab room

The Siemens gamma camera offers user and patient-friendly advanced SPECT nuclear medicine technology for nuclear cardiology services. It has a small footprint to fit into most labs. The reclining chair and open design provide patient comfort for a wide array of patient sizes and ages. When the patient is comfortable, they move less which allows the Siemens ccam gamma camera to provide better image quality. Better images mean more accurate diagnosis and treatment plans for for cardiology patients.

Siemens C.Cam Gamma Camera

Although the Siemens was designed with the patient’s optimal comfort in mind, it was also engineered to provide the best gamma camera results for cardiology diagnostics.

The digital detectors offer a five-channel row and column decoding per individual PMT for better image quality. The detector heads are mounted in a 90-degree fixed position and have lightweight auto form collimators that can be changed by hand. The cut out in the reclining chair helps to reduce attenuation artifacts and provide clear line of sight.

Siemens C.Cam Specifications & Features

  • Small footprint to fit into most labs
  • 90º fixed dual detector gamma camera
  • Manual collimator exchange
  • 2 x LEHR Collimators
  • Motion Correction software and attenuation correction support myocardial perfusion imaging
  • Comfortable reclining chair with open design to support patients up to 450 lbs.  
  • ECG Gate            
  • UPS Backup
  • 24 high-resolution photomultiplier tubes per detector
  • 14.2” x 8.0” UFOV per detector
  • 3/8” thick crystals
  • 60 Kev to 170 Kev energy range

Additional Ccam Options & Accessories

The Siemens Ccam can be configured with a brand-new Windows 10 Computer offering:

  • Your Choice of Quantitative Cardiac Packages
  • Worklist
  • The ability to decrease the dose or scan time

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