New Nuclear Imaging Systems & Gamma Cameras

Our extensive inventory includes more than 40 operational new systems from the major manufacturers. When we give you a quote for a new system, we’re able to offer you significant savings with the same quality systems and expertise you’d expect, plus quick delivery and installation.

Refurbished Nuclear Imaging Systems & Gamma Cameras

Substantial savings, outstanding images, and impeccable service. Does it sound too good to be true?

It’s not! At Medical Imaging Technologies, our refurbished nuclear medicine systems and gamma cameras are typically half the cost of new OEM systems, but with the same peace of mind.

We stage refurbished systems and gamma cameras at our facility prior to installation so that when your system arrives it will be a smooth, efficient installation. Better yet, some of these systems can also be paired with a new Windows 10 computer system.

Learn more about our refurbished inventory:

Quality Performance—Substantial Savings

Our refurbished systems come with the same peace of mind you get from the OEM systems:

  • Full 12-Month Service Coverage
  • Site Planning Assistance
  • System Installations
  • On-Site Applications
  • Viability Analysis