Nuclear Medicine Accessories

When you purchase nuclear medicine accessories from Medical Imaging Technologies, you have the option to buy new or pre-owned accessories from hospitals, clinics and medical offices.

We offer excellent trade-in value for your old dose calibrator, well counter, uptake system, or other hot lab items when purchasing from us.

Nuclear medicine accessories we carry include:

  • Thyroid Uptake Systems
  • Dose Calibrators
  • Well Counters
  • Survey Meters
  • Table Top Shields
  • Cobalt Flood Sources
  • Quality Assurance & Reference Sources
  • Lead Lined Cabinets & Furniture
  • Radiation Protection and Shielding
  • Syringe Shields and Carriers
  • Lead Line Waste and Sharps Containers
  • Area and Portal Monitors
  • PET Products
  • SPECT Tables
  • General Imaging Tables
  • Positioning Wedges
  • Custom Replacement Table Pads
  • Patient Arm Supports / Wraps
  • R-Wave/ECG Triggers
  • Phantoms
  • Syringe Pumps

If you don’t see an accessory listed, please contact us. We’re happy to assist you in your search or provide you with accessory pricing for your department!

Pre-Owned Accessories

In addition to offering new accessories, we also purchase pre-owned hot lab accessories from hospitals, clinics and offices. These items can save you 20–40% when compared to new.

Featured Pre-Owned Accessories

Nuclear Medicine Supplies

When it comes to nuclear medicine supplies, Medical Imaging Technologies has you covered. We offer supplies for all your nuclear medicine needs. See standard supplies below or contact our team for additional information.

Lung Ventilation Kits
  • Venti-Scan
  • Pulmonex
  • Cadema/AeroVent
  • Insta/Vent
Printer Supplies
  • Xerox (Tektronix)
  • Codonics
  • Panasonic
  • Mitsubishi
  • Sony
Storage Media
  • Optical Disks
  • Jaz Disks
  • CDR's & CD R/W's
  • Cartridges Tapes
Other Supplies
  • Positioning Wedges
  • Replacement Table Pads (Custom Made)
  • Radioactive/Caution Warning Signs
  • Labels and Tags
  • Syringe/Vial Labels


Non-urban hospitals such as ours have an increasingly difficult challenge to obtain quality technical support for our Nuc/Med devices.  Medical Imaging Technologies very recently provided a prompt, professional, and successful response to an emergency whereas both our Siemens E-Cam and our aging Picker Prism gamma cameras were both down.  The Nuc/Med clinical tech here had been purchasing accessories from MIT for a while and was excited to hear I was bringing them in for the call.  Trained, experienced techs had us up and running very quickly.  I look forward to finally having access to nearby, available, Nuc/Med professionals.