How to Maintain and Clean Nuclear Medicine Machines

Proactive and daily maintenance of your nuclear medicine machine and information system software is a necessity to keeping them functioning at their best and most efficient. There are various parts involved in the scanning equipment, like cameras, computers, table pads, motors, collimators, hand controls and cables. If one part is not working as it should, then there is a good chance that the image quality will be distorted, or the machine will experience a failure in operations.

Tips to Clean and Maintain Nuclear Medicine Equipment and Parts

Maintaining Nuclear Medicine Information System Software/Computer

  • When rebooting or powering up system, be sure to run preprogrammed motions calibration.
    • Save previous calibrations to server.
  • Check all cables and wires for loose connections.
  • Test optical drive and CD burner.
    • Doesn’t work? Power down the computer and drive and disconnect cables on both ends. Reconnect cables and turn on computer and drive.
  • Review and perform gauge check for computer functionality to see if there are any other issues.

Maintaining Camera Equipment

  • Ensure environment is air conditioned, free of dust and other specs of materials that may get on the camera lens.
    • If there is dust or particles, clean with lens paper.
  • Perform mechanical camera rotation. If the motion is not smooth, lubricate parts.
  • Check to ensure switches, gears, and sensors work. Replace parts if there are issues.
  • Clean hand controls to stop contamination.
  • Check image quality. Look at photopeak levels. Use ratemeter to adjust levels for a clearer image.
  • Perform cobalt flood source tests to make sure the collimator and the crystal house are in good condition and gamma ray cameras are uniform.

Other Supplies and Parts

  • Check for blown fuses and replace with spares.
  • Do a routine well counter test for count of radioactivity specimens.
  • Clean all table pads and patient positioning monitors with disinfectant to stop contamination.

What NOT to Do When Cleaning Equipment

Safety for both the technician or person cleaning and for the equipment is important. Here are a few things not to do:

  • Do NOT use bleach to clean active electronic devices, which includes hand controls, cameras and computers. Bleach is electronically conductive and is a fire hazard.
  • Do NOT use red solo cups to elevate cobalt sheet source to acquire extrinsic floods. These cups are slightly radioactive and can cause ring artifacts in the image.

When to Update Supplies and Parts on Nuclear Machines

If you start to notice equipment on the nuclear medicine machine frequently having errors, it’s a good idea to talk with a nuclear medicine service company. Especially if blown fuses and circuit breakers are common; most likely, these parts will need to be investigated and fixed. Maintaining quality control and cleanliness are only two steps in making sure your nuclear scanning machines are in working order. Replacing or updating parts and updating the software and technology also helps with function and efficiency of nuclear medicine systems.

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