Maintenance Programs

Throughout our nearly 25 years we have found one thing to be absolutely true,


We have developed Maintenance Programs to maximize savings for our clients. MIT’s selection of Maintenance Agreements allows you to select the coverage best suited to your individual Maintenance and Budgetary needs.

Our Programs & Services include:

Full Maintenance Coverage Program

Includes all travel, labor, and parts required to maintain your agreement for the length of the agreement.

Full Maintenance Coverage Program with Per Call Deductible

Includes all travel, labor, and parts, but a per call deductible is charged for any service visit excluding preventative maintenances

Hospital First Call Coverage Program

Have an in house Biomedical or Clinical Engineering Department? If they are willing to take the first call and spend some time diagnosing the service issue this maybe be the program for you.

Shared Risk Coverage Program

MIT covers all travel and labor, while the customer is responsible for parts to pre-determined limit. If you fulfill your parts exposure we will cover the cost for any additional parts needed for the remainder of that calendar agreement year.

Preventative Maintenance Coverage Program

MIT will perform two or four preventative maintenances a year at a fixed price while offering preferred response on service calls outside of the agreement.

Time & Material Service

Just like it sounds, you pay the travel, labor and parts when required for each call.

Don’t see the agreement that is right for you? Call us we are always happy to talk about ideas and options that create your ideal coverage.